There was a thud, followed by 11 more…Then total silence. Feet were heard racing toward the marble stairway then four haunting howls: “Toby!”

There I was lying at the bottom of the stairway with a black eye and a broken silver spoon in my mouth.

I had finally escaped from my crib!

At kindergarten, where I could not sit still for more than a minute, my nickname became the Dynamite Kid.

I was a well-behaved kid thanks to my strict English nanny and our 6’4” butler.

I just did what I was told 👼.

The Governor of New York, Averell Harriman, thought so too and proclaimed March 8th, ‘Toby Beavers Day’.

I spent my summers roaming the fields and woods looking for animals, reptiles, and insects. (I won St. Bernard’s annual Summer Project Award for my massive insect collection. My older brother, Charles, was so envious that he smashed it to bits when my parents were in Europe. My life was never the same…).

After graduating from Syracuse, I began my political science career as a personal assistant to President Jimmy Carter in 1979 for $3.10 an hour. 

I was at the White House during the Iranian Crisis and the Billy Beer scandal.

I stood a few feet from the President when he was on the West Lawn pleading his case to free the hostages.

What a kind and honest man.

I soon realized politics were fun but politicians weren’t.

During the evenings, I would study birds and insects at the Smithsonian Institute.

Eventually, the Smithsonian Institute backed me on an Amazon expedition to collect exotic birds and butterflies.

Four months later, I landed in Miami with 25 cents in my pocket, amoebic dysentery, a fabulous butterfly collection, and rhinoceros beetles the size of my hand (some still alive), but no birds. Catching anything in the dense jungle was a nightmare!

4 weeks later, I landed above the Arctic Circle to photograph polar bears.

As I was exiting the plane, a man boarding the flight wished me good luck. Why I asked. His best friend had recently been killed by a polar bear while taking pictures of them. “One smack of his front paw and it was over.”

I was now hesitant to venture out into the barren tundra for days by myself.

After a week and being eaten alive by mosquitoes, I jumped on a flight back to Juneau.

 I was done with this type of wildlife and returned to New York City in search of another type of wildlife!

I wanted to be a party animal!

My brothers and I borrowed money from my mother and opened the Surf Club, which overnight became one of the most famous nightclubs in New York. Our motto was Guys with Ties & Girls with Pearls. Muffy, Buffy, Bitsy, and Binky were there EVERY night! And my mother was now my partner. We sold more champagne than any nightclub in 1984. 

After 10 years of fun and endless laughs, I met the woman of my dreams and decided to settle down. We eloped from Atlanta to Savannah sparing my in-laws a humungous wedding expense for 2,000+ guests that I hardly knew.

I was sitting on the couch in Watch Hill laughing hysterically while watching Married with Children. There was a knock on the front door. It was dark outside, and a face appeared in the window…It was my neighbor, Bob, a phenomenal realtor, and the unofficial mayor of downtown Watch Hill. My wife bolted to the door. “Bob, you either give my husband a job or don’t come over at night anymore.”

Thus, began my illustrious and lengthy real estate career in 1996.

The time came when all four brothers began to quarrel. Sell it my brother demanded while on his second voyage sailing around the world. But the

With the help of Bob again and my talented wife, we turned our tired 19th-century Queen Anne summer cottage into a Decorator’s Showhouse. (My late mother had been one of three founders of the Kips Bay Boy’s Club Decorator Showhouse in New York and the top decorators in New England lined up to exhibit their amazing, colorful summer, interior designs. Traditional Homes Magazine featured Wayne Cottage and it quickly sold.

We were returning after attending Jim Bob Moffett’s daughter’s spectacular 4-day wedding in New Orleans when we found an amazing plantation for sale on the Mississippi River called Como Plantation in St Francisville, LA.

Como Plantation had a 6-mile driveway with 2 miles of the Mississippi River frontage. We picked it up as a foreclosure and dreamed of making it into a tourist destination. We slowly began to realize our underestimation. We had two young children, no cell phone service, and the nearest school was 36 miles after you drove the 6-mile gravel driveway. It was time to sell again.

Gov Edwin Edwards of Louisiana purchased it. It was his dream to make it a high-stakes poker retreat however, 6 months later he was indicted with his son under the Federal RICO Act and sent to prison for 5 years.

We moved to Charlottesville in 1997 where I began practicing my singing and dancing (a la Frank Sinatra, Jack Jones, and Fred Astaire) and in 1998 produced a one-night Broadway show called Girls, Girls, Girls featuring yours truly with the world-famous, 26-piece, Tony Corbicello orchestra.

Toby Beavers - Charlottesville Luxury Realtor & Buyers Agent

25 Years of Expertise and Exceptional Charlottesville VA Luxury Real Estate Guidance

As I steer you through the Charlottesville luxury real estate buying experience, I’ll make it enjoyable and fun! Yes, fun and enjoyable. After 20 years of endless driving, I know every nook and cranny of the Charlottesville luxury real estate market. I also know what’s going on…And who are the BEST builders? I had to learn this as a house renovator for over 40 years. One wrong buy and you can lose big time. You get my 25 years of feedback and advice. Allow me to be your Charlottesville luxury realtor & teach you what I have l learned.

15 Questions to Discuss with Your Charlottesville Luxury Realtor

  • Property Type: Are you primarily interested in single-family luxury homes, luxury condominiums, historic estates, or luxury townhomes?
  • Architectural Style: Do you have a preference for a specific architectural style, such as Colonial, Georgian, or contemporary?
  • Location Preferences: Are there specific neighborhoods or areas in Charlottesville that you are particularly interested in?
  • Acreage and Lot Size: Do you have a preference for larger lots or estates, or are you more interested in smaller, low-maintenance properties?
  • Views and Scenery: Are scenic views, like Blue Ridge Mountains or water, an important factor for you?
  • Budget Range: What is the budget range are you comfortable with for your Charlottesville luxury real estate investment?
  • Amenities and Features: Are there specific luxury amenities or features that you consider non-negotiable, such as a pool, spa, or home automation systems?
  • Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms: How many bedrooms and bathrooms are ideal for you?
  • Customization Preferences: Are you looking for properties that allow for customization, or do they prefer move-in-ready homes?
  • Proximity to Services: Is the proximity to schools, shopping, dining, or cultural amenities a crucial factor for you?
  • Historical Significance: Are you interested in properties with historical significance, such as historic estates or homes? This is Charlottesville, after all and in 1815 it was considered by the other colonies as a fine Georgian gem.
  • Security and Privacy: How important are security features and privacy considerations for your buyers?
  • Outdoor Spaces: Do you have a preference for specific outdoor features, like gardens, patios, or recreational areas
  • Local Community Atmosphere: Is there a specific type of community atmosphere or lifestyle you are seeking, such as a more rural setting or a vibrant urban environment?
  • Future Resale Value: Are you concerned about the potential resale value of the property, and are there specific factors influencing this consideration?

Unlocking the World of Charlottesville Luxury Real Estate & the Role of a Charlottesville Luxury Realtor

In the world of Charlottesville luxury real estate, where dreams are built, luxury realtors play a pivotal role in shaping the aspirations of the elite. These professionals are not just sellers of properties; they are architects of dreams, curators of lifestyles, and custodians of exquisite living. My job, as a Charlottesville luxury realtor’ transcends the conventional boundaries of real estate transactions, delving into a realm where opulence meets unparalleled service.

Understanding the Client’s Desires

A Charlottesville luxury realtor begins their journey by understanding the unique desires of their clients. These desires are not merely about square footage and the number of bedrooms; they encompass the essence of a client’s lifestyle. Whether it’s a breathtaking waterfront view, a historic mansion, or a sleek urban penthouse, the luxury realtor deciphers these dreams and transforms them into tangible property options.

Market Expertise and Networking

One of the primary responsibilities of a Charlottesville luxury realtor is to have an in-depth understanding of the market. They are well-versed in the intricacies of neighborhoods, the historical significance of properties, and the potential for future growth. Furthermore, they possess an extensive network that includes not just potential buyers and sellers but also architects, interior designers, and legal experts. This network becomes instrumental in ensuring that every aspect of a property deal is seamless and refined.

Tailored Marketing Strategies

Luxury properties require a different approach to marketing. A luxury realtor crafts tailored marketing strategies that accentuate the unique features of a property. This could involve professional photography and videography, elegant staging, and strategic online and offline campaigns. These efforts are not just about selling a property; they are about selling a lifestyle, an experience that resonates with the potential buyer.

Negotiation and Confidentiality

Negotiating a Charlottesville luxury real estate deal demands finesse and expertise. Luxury realtors are skilled negotiators, adept at striking deals that are favorable to their clients. Moreover, they understand the importance of confidentiality in the high-stakes world of luxury real estate. Clients often value their privacy, and a luxury realtor ensures that sensitive information is safeguarded, fostering trust and long-term relationships.

Exceptional Client Service

Luxury realtors are synonymous with exceptional client service. They provide a white-glove service, anticipating their client’s needs and exceeding their expectations. Whether it’s arranging private viewings, organizing exclusive events, or offering personalized property recommendations, every interaction is marked by a commitment to unparalleled service.

Navigating Legal and Financial Complexities

The world of luxury real estate is often entangled in legal and financial complexities. A luxury realtor acts as a guide, navigating their clients through these intricate processes. They work closely with legal experts and financial advisors, ensuring that every transaction is transparent, legally sound, and financially prudent.