Buyers Agent

I have strived to be one of the best Charlottesville buyers agents since 2003. So, how do you become one of the best buyer’s agents? Hard work, years of experience, being a good listener, willing to always sho a home when it comes on the market even on Sundays, and always making helpful suggestions along the way.

What does a buyer’s agent do in real estate? A buyer’s agent represents your interest in purchasing a Charlottesville home and does NOT work for the seller’s interest.

Does a buyer’s agent represent the buyer? Yes, a buyer’s agent always represents you, the buyer, and is usually paid by the seller. So it’s a win-win transaction and costs you $0.

What is a buyer’s agent supposed to do? A buyer’s agent’s job is to find you a home you love and to help you to purchase it at a price you can afford. He shows you as many homes as you want, he writes up legal contracts, he helps negotiate the price, and he makes sure the house is left in broom clean condition and all repairs are completed.

What is a buyer’s agent fee in real estate? 99% of the time your buyer’s agent fee will cost you $0 which is fantastic. The seller wants to sell their home, so they realize it’s smart to pay another realtor to bring them a reliable buyer.

Why I am One of the Top Charlottesville Buyers Agents

  1. I know the history of Charlottesville and the names and people who lived here in the late 18th century. And I will teach you what I know…if you are interested.
  2. I study the local newspapers and tv news channels for interesting Charlottesville real estate information.
  3. As a chef, I know where the best food is, including lunch. And lunch is always on me when we are out and about looking at Charlottesville homes.
  4. I know many of the Charlottesville realtors and know how they work and think. I know how far we can push them down on price.
  5. I work 7 days a week and always ready to go preview a new listing when it comes into the Charlottesville MLS.
  6. I do not try and sell you. I merely make thoughtful suggestions, and you take them or leave them.
  7. I love what I do. I enjoy meeting new people and making friends. I am patient. I have perseverance. And lastly, I and have been a realtor since 1996 and have learned a lot!
  8. No Money Down Financing Programs (there are currently AT LEAST 4 different programs available to purchase with virtually zero money out of pocket.
  9. The Dream Home Finder Program – we invest our own time AND money to identify OFF-MARKET sellers that meet the criteria you’re looking for you in your Charlottesville Dream Home.
  10. I have sold over 100 homes as a buyer’s agent since 1996.
  11. A premier Zillow with all 5-star reviews and a certified Google realtor.