Charlottesville was never known as a town with many condos. In fact, there were only about ten condo developments in 1997.

However, with the real estate boom of 2005-2007, baby boomers soon saw the need for more condo developments.

Fast forward to 2021, and Charlottesville today has a wonderful collection of both affordable and luxury condos. In fact, condo developers are grabbing up any land zoned for condos, and worth developing.

So here are my favorite affordable Charlottesville condos located. Hessian Hills and the Villas at Southern Ridge. Why? Location, location, location!

New Condos in Charlottesville VA? As of Dec 8th, 2021, there is currently 1 new condo for sale in Charlottesville at Brookhill Commons located up 29 North past Walmart. There will be 5-6 new condos for sale in the early Fall of 2022.

Ok, so what about luxury condos in Charlottesville? I have six developments I love: Belmont Lofts, Ednam Condos, Queen Charlotte, The Gleason, The Residences at 218, and White Gables.

There are 19 condos for sale in Charlottesville available with a median price of $356,800.

As of mid-August, 2022, there are 11 Charlottesville condos for rent with a median price of $1800 a month and mostly 1-2 bedrooms.

Condos for sale near UVA campus are tough to find. You have to be here so you can preview the condo and write an offer on it asap. Condos for sale near UVA go very quickly!

Turtle Creek condos for sale in Charlottesville Va are always available. Why? Because it’s a large development and very affordable. So people either move out of town or upgrade to a luxury condo. It’s a great starter home for a new buyer.
Zillow Charlottesville sometimes does NOT list all the condos for sale or rent. So use our CAAR MLS.

I have been a condo realtor since 2003 and have seen maybe 4 Charlottesville condos for sale by the owner. Not sure if you save money buying direct as we know the comps and can negotiate better than most buyers. In fact, there are only 1-2 condos for sale by the owner at any time so use the CAAR MLS.

Looking for new condos in Charlottesville? Here’s where to look…Brookhill Commons and Eleven:30 Condominiums. The median price for these new condos is $338,000.

There are usually 7-10 Charlottesville luxury condos for sale at any time. The median price averages around $1,600,000. These luxury condos are located in White Gables Condos, The Barringer, The Gleason, and The Residences at 218.

If you are looking for condos near Charlottesville, VA, then you are looking in the neighboring Albemarle County. Today there are 10 condos for sale in Barracks West Condos (I am not a big fan of this old development) Riverbend Condos, Overlook, Carriage Hill, Riverside Village, Brookmill, Brookmill Commons, and White Gables Condos (my favorite. Location, location, location!).

Charlottesville apartments near the downtown mall are found at The Barringer, The Gleason, Queen Charlotte, The Residences at 218, and Eleven:30 Condominiums. They are all very pricey.

Charlottesville apartments near UVA are found at 1800 Jefferson Park Ave, Jefferson Park, Walker Square Condos, Wertland Commons, Arlington Court, and Cedars Court Condo. Stay away from Eagles Landing, you’ll never recoup your investment and the management fees are horrendous.

Condos For Sale Near UVA Campus – Again here are your best bets for being the closest to UVA’s campus: 1800 Jefferson Park Ave, Jefferson Park, Walker Square Condos, Wertland Commons, Arlington Court, and Cedars Court Condo.

Condos For Sale in Albemarle County VA? There are 9 condos for sale in Albemarle County and all nine condos are located mins from the City of Charlottesville except Brookhills Common.

Here are the condos for sale today: Solomons Court, Barracks West Condos, Turtle Creek Condos, Riverbend Condos, Overlook, Woodlands of Charlottesville, Brookmill, Brookhill Commons, and White Gables Condos. While Brookhills is the newest it’s also the furthest away located up 29 North past Walmart. My top two condos for sale in Albemarle County are the Woodlands of Charlottesville for affordability and White Gables Condos for luxury.

Condos For Sale Near Crozet VA? There are not many condos for sale near Crozet. They just haven’t gotten around to building any. I found 1 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath condo that sold in 2008 in Bargamain Park for $240,000. Crazy, but there are numerous townhomes!

Condominiums for Sale Near Crozet VA – There are none at this time. There are also no condos for sale in Ivy.

Charlottesville Condos Near Me? Here is a list of condos for sale near me: