The Downtown Mall neighborhood of Charlottesville is the most sought-after area of the city of Charlottesville to live if you are looking for a townhouse or condo (there are no single-family homes directly on the Downtown Mall).

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Living on the Downtown Mall is like living along New York’s Madison Avenue minus the automobiles and only 8 blocks long. It is one of the longest pedestrian malls in America.

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Once known as Main Street, its 8 blocks were converted into a pedestrian mall in 1976.

Today both sides of the Downtown Mall are lined with 110 retail stores and 21 restaurants/outdoor cafes.

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This is where the tourists come to stroll. So living in the Downtown Mall neighborhood is fun!

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While living directly on the Downtown Mall is going to be tough since the condos are so limited there are other extraordinary new condo developments within a minute or two of the Mall.

Those seeking a fabulous Charlottesville condo near the Downtown Mall should look at The Gleason, Waterhouse Village Condo, The 550, West 2nd, The Residences at 218, Holsinger Condo, C&O Row, 550 Water, and The Randolph.

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