Home Staging Assistance

What is home staging assistance?

It’s when your Charlottesville realtor helps you stage your home with or without professional stagers’ assistance.

According to the National Association of Realtors:

Unstaged homes sell, on average, for 17% less.

Home staging allows the Charlottesville homeowner to retain 7-21.7% more home equity. I thought you’d like to read this!

What does a staging assistant do?

A home staging assistant comes to your home and works with you to make your home look more appealing and saleable. He or she can work by the hour and for a specific price.

Can you pay someone to stage your house?

Yes, please do especially if your Charlottesville home is priced over $350,000. And always hire a pro.

Staged Charlottesville homes spend 66% less time on the CAAR MLS than other homes that are vacant or not staged.

Home staging is a serious business, and I highly recommend it before listing your Charlottesville luxury home in the CAAR MLS.

A professionally staged Charlottesville house will have fewer days on market than a vacant house. And the decor is set around the style of your home.

I do not suggest staging any Charlottesville property under $300,000, as it is just not worth the cost, especially in this hot market.

Your goal is to make any prospective buyer feel at home in your house. Then, they begin to imagine it as their own…Simple psychology. And it works.

Home staging is not cheap and it may cost anywhere from 1-5% of the listing price. But home staging assistance is free!

I can help YOU with your home staging. My wife, Terri, was a decorator and loves to give free advice. We know who the best home stagers are and will introduce you to them.

Or, you can go to Habitat Store in Charlottesville and other fun stores and do it yourself. Whatever you do, do not abandon your home unfurnished.

Your home staging consultation checklist?

Living Room
Remove unnecessary furniture, clothing
Pull furniture away from the wall
Replace dark curtains with lighter colors
Group smaller, like-kind art together
Remove or tuck all cords and wires
Pack away family portraits
Store away old magazines
Hang the largest artwork on the largest wall
Add a nice coffee table book

Dining Room
Remove unnecessary furniture, clothing,
or items
Remove table leaves in the table to enlarge area (if applicable)
Properly set the dinner table
Hang light-colored, floor to ceiling curtains
Open blinds to let in natural light
Use 100 Watt light bulbs for more light
Bring in house plants to add life and color
Bring light into dark areas with lamps
Add mirrors for more light & open up space
Consider leaving one wall bare
Wall art should be hung at eye level

Remove unnecessary furniture, clothing, or items
Remove most items on the counter
Add a bowl of fruit to add color
Stain or paint dated cabinets
Replace old knobs and hardware
Remove all items from the refrigerator and wipe down
Buy a new faucet to replace an old fixture
Repaint any bold or loud colors
Clean all windows inside and out
Fix or replace any leaky faucets

Put away toothbrushes and all toiletry items
Hang new, white towels. Hang in thirds (fold in the o
Apply new caulking around the bathroom shower/tub
Put away wastebasket
Roll small towels & place in a basket on the counter
Clean around and behind toilet and bathtub
Hang new shower curtain or a clean old one
Always keep the toilet seat down
Fix any squeaky doors throughout the home

Clean and paint front door in high gloss finish
Add new, attractive house numbers
Pack away any shoes or coats by the front door
Add a new welcome mat to the entryway
All doors should open and close easy
Clean and shampoo carpets
Don’t hide belongings in closets and corners
All windows should open and close easy
Clean and dust ceiling fans

Home staging jobs near me?

There are always home staging jobs near you. Just search the CAAR MLS and search for homes for sale over $700,000 and go introduce yourself. Be sure to check the pics of the home as the owner might be an interior decorator.