Listing Agent

Is a listing agent a realtor?

95% of the time, yes. Sometimes a real estate agent is not a member of NAR (National Association of Realtors) or VAR (Virginia Association of Realtors), and on occasion, a licensed Virginia attorney may act on behalf of an estate sale.

What Does a Listing Agent Do?

A listing agent works with you to sell your Charlottesville home. The listing agent is there to take the stress off you and make it their job to sell your home at the best possible price and terms. The main job a listing agent performs is to price your Charlottesville home correctly. Meanwhile, they introduce you to real estate attorneys, inspectors, stagers, and anyone else who can help sell your home for the best price.

They do this by using the comps in our CAAR MLS. Once everyone agrees on a price, the listing agent enters your home into the CAAR MLS so all other agents including Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor, can view your home. Then the listing agent fields all calls, texts, and emails. Then writes up an offer when one comes in and presents it to the seller. The listing agent then adds an opinion, and the seller either takes the offer or counters back. Once a price has been reached, the seller makes sure the contract is acted upon until the house sells and the seller gets their funds.

What are a listing agent’s responsibilities?

 As a Charlottesville listing agent for 20 years, my listing agent responsibilities are to help my sellers price their home correctly in a hot market and in a cold market, to offer staging assistance, and market your Charlottesville property on CAAR MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, and to give access to your home to prospective buyer’s agents/buyers, and finally to negotiate ALL offers.

What’s the difference between a listing agent and a selling agent?

A listing agent works solely for the seller; whereas a selling agent works for the prospective buyer. Very rarely today does one realtor represent both seller and buyer. And if they do run! Because a listing agent’s allegiance is to the seller.

Is it better to use a listing agent?

Always if you want to make more money on your Charlottesville home.

Do listing agents make money?

Yes, usually 3% of the sale of the home. Since the funds are coming from the sale of your Charlottesville property, the seller technically is the one paying for both the listing agent and buyer’s agent. However, the proceeds are paid for by the buyer at closing. The listing agent’s commission is built into the final price.

Listing agent vs selling agent commission?

The commissions are usually the same, 3 % for each side which seems fair. Since once a Charlottesville home is listed and in CAAR MLS the listing agent’s job Is pretty much done until a legitimate offer comes in. Now in Augusta County Virginia the commissions are different. A listing agent may make more than a selling agent but it is all pretty well kept a secret until closing statements are reviewed.

Do Listing agents get commission?

Yes, listing agents get commissions. In our CAAR MLS a % of the sale is offered by the seller but in the end, paid by the buyer. Usually a 3% commission.

My Charlottesville Listing Agent Checklist

  • Your New Listing Checklist – Prior to Listing the Home:
  • Broker Listing Agreement – Signed by all parties
  • Seller’s Disclosure Letter – Completed by Seller
  • Complete any other disclosures required in your area – Signed if needed
  • Confirm any neighborhood or condo rules and restrictions (i.e. sign placement, parking, etc)
  • Confirm showing instructions with the homeowner (i.e. must give 2 hours notice or no showings after 7 pm)
  • Bring in a staging company or consultant (if needed)
  • Order/install yard sign
  • Get key and any alarm instructions from the homeowner
  • Install Lockbox on home
  • Update any showing systems in order to make appointments and/or capture showing agent feedback
  • Order / have professional photos taken of the home [how to get the best listing photos]
  • Create, order, and deliver home brochures
  • Submit all Listing Paperwork to Broker
  • Input Listing into the CAAR MLS
  • Share MLS listing with Seller
  • Marketing Checklist for Your New Listing:
  • Confirm that listing syndicated from MLS to key portals (like and Zillow)
  • Send eFlyer to local agents
  • Install flyer box in front of the home (if allowed)
  • Hand delivers print flyers to at least 20 nearby homes… and invite them to the open house!
  • Schedule agent/broker caravan
  • Schedule open house
  • Create a video of your Charlottesville home and post it on YouTube
  • Write at least one blog/article about the home
  • Share listing blog post on Twitter
  • Share blog post on your Facebook business page
  • Share blog posts on Google Plus, Instagram, etc
  • Create a Craigslist ad (especially if the home is under $500K)
  • QUICK TIP: Make sure you send a summary and links to all of your marketing to the homeowners so they know that you are going above and beyond to promote their listing.

All of the items above should be completed in the first week in order to attract the maximum amount of attention when the home is first listed. If you don’t receive an offer the first week, we would recommend the following marketing tactics:

  • New Listing Marketing Checklist
  • Send 2nd email blast / eFlyer to local Charlottesville real estate agents
  • Post another ad on Craigslist
  • Post classified ad on Oodle
  • Write a new blog post and post on another platform like ActiveRain, RealtyTimes, or your broker’s website
  • Update the property description on Zillow/Trulia and add your phone number to the description
  • Run a paid ad (or boosted post) on Facebook to a targeted audience
  • Post on Twitter again using another photo
  • Post the best photos on Pinterest (with a link back to your listing blog post or IDX website)
  • Make sure the best home photo is the featured photo in CAAR MLS
  • Gather and review all the showing agent feedback
  • Review feedback with the seller and discuss any adjustments to the showing schedules, staging, and pricing

What should be included in a listing packet?

Here is an overview of what you can include in your pre-listing packet:

  • About me (Toby Beavers realtor)
  • Local Charlottesville market statistics
  • Examples of my past sales experience
  • Step-by-step guide on how I would market your Charlottesville home.
  • My handsome portrait
  • Your personal marketing strategy
  • Q&A’s that many sellers ask
  • Visuals and infographics
  • Contact information
  • My one-of-a-kind professional presentation

Can a Buyer Talk to a Listing Agent?

Certainly, but if the buyer is working with a buyer’s agent, the buyer should always mention this to their agent. The buyer’s agent is there to represent the buyer and help them secure a favorable sale.

As a Charlottesville listing agent since 2003, I’ve learned that ‘getting’ a listing is not just asking for a few signatures and putting out a sign.

The first thing I do is I go around your property and see what needs to be fixed or what stands out as an eyesore. If it’s easy enough to fix, then the sellers and I will tackle the job. I have all the tools and love helping owners sell their Charlottesville homes at the top of the market.

Once your home is actively listed in our Charlottesville MLS, I will follow up on everyone who has shown interest in your home. This is how we get the best feedback and really find out why a buyer doesn’t make an offer.

I also can’t stress this enough. Do not sell a vacant home. As the last resort, have a professional stager come in and decorate a few rooms. This could add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.