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Charlottesville Neighborhood Questions

Where should I live in Charlottesville? Obviously, this depends on how much you can afford.

For affordable Charlottesville condos, I like  Carriage Hill condos.

For affordable townhomes, I like…

For affordable homes, I love Crozet Va real homes.

For luxury Charlottesville condos, I like White Gables and Kenridge.

What is the richest neighborhood in Charlottesville? Ednam, Farmington, Glenmore, Keswick Estates.

What are the best Charlottesville neighborhoods? I love Ednam, Farmington, Glenmore, Old Trail, Spring Hill Farm, and Whipporwill Hollow.

Best neighborhoods in Ivy VA? Bellair, Far Hills, Farmington, Flordon, Inglecress, Kenridge (for best Charlottesville townhomes), Old Ballard Farm, Ragged Mountain Farm, Rosemont, Spring Hill, West Leigh, Whippoorwill Hollow,  White Gables (for best Charlottesville condos), and Wind River.

Is Charlottesville expensive? Yes, but not as expensive as New York, Northern Virginia, or DC.

Why is Charlottesville expensive? Because it has so much to offer. The University of Virginia has phenomenal American history, excellent farm-to-table organic restaurants,  4 fabulous golf courses, 3 country clubs, two fox hunts, wonderful hiking trails, and spectacular Blue Ridge Mountain views.\

Is Charlottesville Va a nice place to live? It sure is. Voted twice the number one place to live in America (within the past 13 years). Voted the best place to retire to. Best the best place to raise a family. The best place to start a business. And, the best place to sip wine.

What more can you ask for? No fires, no droughts, no big snow dumps, just tepid, four full seasons.



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Luxury Homes

Charlottesville Real Estate Market Jan 2023

It is still a seller’s market for condos, townhomes, and affordable homes up to $500,000. This means there will usually be anywhere from 2-5 offers on any listing within two days. So sharpen your pencils and get in there the first day!

As for Charlottesville luxury homes priced from $800-$1.5M, it is still a hot market and you can expect the home to go under contract within 3-5 days (again depending on its location and condition).

For Charlottesville farms, there are probably 10 buyers waiting for a small Charlottesville farm to come on the market.

So be ready to pull the trigger when something fabulous comes on the market.

Do NOT use Zillow or, their appraisals are always wrong

Get with a fellow realtor or myself as members of our local MLS CAAR receive listings 24 hours before those other companies get our data, and by then offers have already been made.

Five Star Charlottesville Buyer's Experience

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I work 24/7 which means weekends and holidays.
I cut my phone off at 10 pm so we can talk up until then.
I will send you a BPO or CMA on any property you desire.
I will preview properties when you are not available.

As I steer you through your home buying experience, I’ll make it enjoyable and fun! Yes, fun and enjoyable.

After 20 years of endless driving, I know every nook and cranny of the Charlottesville real estate market. I also know what’s going on…And who are the BEST builders?

I had to learn this as a house renovator for over 40 years. One wrong buy and you can lose big time. You get my 25 years of feedback and advice.

Allow me to be your Charlottesville realtor & teach you what I have l learned.