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My 2024 advice – As a Charlottesville Buyers Agent since 2003, I strongly advise you, the buyer, to never use the same brokerage as the seller’s…in any real estate transaction. And this especially goes for new construction. By law, the listing/seller’s agent MUST represent the seller. The managing broker will advise you to use another agent in their office (so the broker makes both commissions). Two real estate agents in the same company are NOT going to battle it out with each for your benefit and the broker won’t allow it either.  Don’t do it. You will save more money using a buyers agent from a different brokerage. This also means never buy a new Charlottesville luxury home from a spec builder without using a buyers agent. As a Charlottesville buyers agent, we are aware of the upgrades and perks being given if the builder wants to sell a home quickly. You won’t.

Can a realtor represent both buyer and seller in Virginia?
Answer: A licensee may not act as a dual agent or dual representative in a residential real estate transaction unless he has first obtained the written consent of all parties to the transaction given after written disclosure of the consequences of such dual agency or dual representation. Virginia Law Section 54.1-2139.

That’s my words of wisdom for 2024.

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Luxury real estate listings include new homes in the most attractive neighborhoods with all the amenities. One-level Luxury townhouses minutes from Charlottesville. Private vacation homes with spectacular Blue Ridge Mountain views. Bucolic Charlottesville farms. Luxury Charlottesville condos with exquisite penthouses and fabulous views Monticello. Fabulous Keswick VA horse farms. Luxurious Downtown Charlottesville condos. Luxury Charlottesville townhomes near Farmington Country Club and The Boar’s Head Resort and Sports Club. 5 exciting, golf course neighborhoods: Ednam, Farmington, Glenmore, Keswick Estate and Old Trail Crozet. Spectacular Albemarle VA estates near Charlottesville in Earlysville, Free Union, Greenwood, Ivy, and Keswick. Waterfront Charlottesville homes. Charlottesville horse farms. Tuscany-style villas with vineyards. Georgian, 18th-century homes designed by Thomas Jefferson. And majestic James River Virginia plantations for sale.

These fine Charlottesville luxury homes and mansions for sale include detailed descriptions, photos, amenities, and neighborhood information for young and active seniors who seek living in Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

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What is considered Charlottesville luxury real estate?

Charlottesville luxury real estate refers to high-end, premium properties that are characterized by their exceptional quality, features, and amenities. The definition of luxury can vary depending on the location, market trends, and local standards, but generally, luxury real estate is associated with Charlottesville & Albemarle County properties that go beyond basic functionality and offer a unique and elevated living experience. Here are some common features that are often associated with Charlottesville luxury real estate:

High Price Point: Charlottesville luxury properties typically have a significantly higher price per square foot or overall value compared to the average real estate in the area.

Prime Location: Charlottesville luxury real estate is often found in prestigious or exclusive locations, such as waterfronts, city centers, gated communities, or scenic landscapes.

Exceptional Architecture and Design: Luxury homes often showcase distinctive and high-quality architectural designs, superior craftsmanship, and attention to detail in both interior and exterior features.

Spacious and Well-Appointed Interiors: Charlottesville luxury homes tend to have spacious, well-designed interiors with high-end finishes, premium materials, and top-of-the-line appliances.

Privacy and Security: Many luxury properties offer enhanced privacy features, such as gated entrances, security systems, and large lots that provide a sense of exclusivity.

Panoramic Views: Charlottesville luxury properties with breathtaking views, whether of the city skyline, mountains, oceans, or other scenic landscapes, are often considered luxurious.

Amenities and Services: Charlottesville luxury real estate often comes with a range of amenities such as swimming pools, spas, home theaters, wine cellars, and in some cases, concierge services, and private staff.

Smart Home Technology: Many Charlottesville luxury homes are equipped with advanced smart home systems that control security, lighting, climate, and entertainment.

Landscaped Grounds: Extensive and well-maintained outdoor spaces, including gardens, lawns, and landscaping, contribute to the overall appeal of Charlottesville luxury properties.

Historical or Unique Features: Some Charlottesville luxury homes have historical significance or unique architectural features that set them apart from standard properties.

It’s important to note that what is considered luxury can vary by region, and local market conditions play a significant role in determining the status of a property as Charlottesville luxury real estate. In some markets, certain features may be more highly valued than others as in The Hamptons and Palm Beach.

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You’ll find 77+ Charlottesville luxury homes for sale including Charlottesville luxury condos and luxury townhomes in Charlottesville VA with prices ranging from $500,000 to $19,000,000. Note: This includes Albemarle County VA luxury homes for sale.

Where to Find the Finest Charlottesville Luxury Real Estate


My favorite Charlottesville luxury homes located near the city limits are in Bellair, Ednam (Ednam Condos, Ednam Forest, and Ednam Village all of which are surrounded by UVA’s Boars Head Inn & Sports Club), and Farmington (Farmington Country Club).

For luxury townhomes near Charlottesville, I pick Kenridge and Out of Bounds.

For nearby Charlottesville luxury condos, my choices are University Village, White Gables condos and White Gables II.

We are next going east…then north…then west and then to the south.

My favorite area east of Charlottesville is Keswick.

In Keswick, you will see the most spectacular farms in America, a few designed by Thomas Jefferson.

The exquisite Keswick Hall Resort has all the amenities you’ll desire including the challenging Full Cry golf course, a spa, a 5-star hotel, and Marigold by Jean-Georges new exquisite restaurant.

If living in a Charlottesville golf community is for you then consider these two fabulous golf club neighborhoods: Glenmore and Keswick Estate.

The Keswick Hunt is here as is the annual Keswick Horse Show.

Note: Keswick is an equestrian’s paradise as lovely as Wellington in Palm Beach, Ocala, and Middleburg VA.

Heading northwest, I like Earlysville for its spectacular Blue Ridge Mountain views and rolling countryside.

These three attractive Charlottesville luxury neighborhoods: Frays Grant, Indian Springs, and Walnut Hill are my favorites.

I love Free Union which is south of Earlysville for its absolute pristine beauty.

Free Union is what you picture Virginia looked like 200 years ago.

Free Union is located closer to The Boar’s Head Sports Club, Farmington Country Club, and the City of Charlottesville.

The Farmington Hunt is here too.

West of Free Union is the little village of Ivy which offers a gas station, garden center, dining, and a few other small businesses.

Young families love Ivy Va real estate for its excellent public schools.

Heading west on Rt 250 we hit Crozet, another small agricultural town made popular for its numerous orchards including the Albemarle Pippin apple.

Crozet offers the most affordable and luxurious developments in the county.

My favorite Charlottesville luxury neighborhood is Old Trail which in terms of size is huge compared to the other neighborhoods.

Old Trail offers golf, a pool, coffee shops, dining, an ACAC gym, luxury townhomes, and single-family homes.

Drive out of the Old Trail neighborhood and there’s Western Albemarle High, Henley Middle, and Brownsville Elementary.

Living in Old Trail Crozet can’t get any better for young families.

The next stop is the town of Greenwood. Blink and you’ll miss it. In the historic, tiny village is an interesting antique shop and post office. Nearby are 3 superb vineyards and Chiles Peach Orchard.

Greenwood VA is renown for its historic plantations: Blue Ridge Farm, Mirador, Ramsay, Rosehill, Royal Orchard, Tiverton, and Seven Oaks.

Heading south on the historic Plank Road (begun in the 18th century with wood planks and extends from the James River over the Blue Ridge Mountains into the verdant Shenandoah Valley) we arrive in Batesville.

A lovely small town was once renowned for its coopers and their wood apple barrels.

The Batesville Market is where it all happens especially on Saturday nights when they serve dinner and have live music.

Heading south again on the historic Plank Road, we come to the most extraordinary Albemarle luxury neighborhoods of Bundoran Farm.

A green community is situated in a beautiful, bucolic valley surrounded by thousands of apple trees and small mountains.

The homes are all unique, custom-built, and luxurious. Pippin Hill Farm is here.

Nearby is another of my favorite Albemarle County luxury neighborhoods, Blandemar Farm Estates.

The estate homes are all fabulous and offer scenic views of a large lake and surrounding mountains.

Author, James A Michener, lived in Blandemar Farm Estates while he wrote his superb novel, Poland.

Back to Charlottesville Downtown Mall for a martini then walk over to The Gleason and 218 Water Street to check out these two luxury highrise condos and their spectacular views of the mountains surrounding Monticello.

For aspiring artists, McGuffey Hill condos would be a perfect place to live. These luxurious condos are adjoined to the famed McGuffey Art Center.

All three of these luxury condo developments are within a block of the historic Charlottesville Downtown Mall and all the action…

Location, location, location!

Friends, these are my favorite towns and neighborhoods for where the finest Charlottesville luxury real estate is found.

Charlottesville’s most informative web site for extraordinary luxury homes, downtown Charlottesville condos, new luxury townhomes, 18th century plantations, and spectacular farms.

Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia

Charlottesville has long been sought after for its refined, cosmopolitan atmosphere and southern hospitality.

It’s truly a relaxing place to live, work and retire to. Where culture, history, sports, education, arts, and fine dining are here for all ages.

So, if you’re looking for refined, elegant country living, then Charlottesville Virginia is for you.

Charlottesville was voted the number one place to live in the United States for hundreds of reasons.

The last time this small, Georgian, southern city, earned this accolade was in 1812 when Charlottesville was known throughout the Thirteen Colonies as the finest, small Georgian city.

Where the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains are always visible

The Charlottesville area was home to 5 American Presidents: George Washington, Zachary Taylor, James Monroe, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson, a native of Charlottesville, built and designed the finest Albemarle VA luxury real estate (having also designed and built two of America’s most important architectural gems, Monticello

and The University of Virginia).

Edgar Allen Poe attended the University of Virginia

What most Charlottesville luxury home buyers enjoy most about living in Charlottesville are the superb public schools, the four seasons, the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, the theatrical arts, the early American history, 18+ local vineyards, and 2 of the Top 50 Hospitals In America.

Fox Hunting is also taken very seriously in Virginia.

In fox hunting circles, this is known as Buying Real Estate

Here’s what they’re saying about us:

USA Today: Out of 466 American cities: Charlottesville Va is ranked the number one place to live in the USA.

The New York Times: Charlottesville is the place where privacy is respected, where Southern gentility, even chivalry still thrives, and, perhaps above all, where the land rolls away toward the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west with a beauty that snatches the breath at the top of each crest and the bottom of each vale.

CNN Money: The best place to live and raise children.

Tennis Magazine: A top 10.

Conde Nast Traveler: Gracefully refined…Charllottesville is barely untouched by progress.

Town & Country: Subliminally idyllic…The Charlottesville area is where we long to be. It’s a world of its own.

Golf Magazine: Unsurpassed in beauty and splendor. Charlottesville is destined to be one of the countries number one destination in the Mid-Atlantic to play golf.

Frommer’s: Our annual choice for the number one place to live in America for 2005.

Hiker Magazine: Some of the most easily accessible and scenic, ancient mountain hikes for beginners and advanced in the world especially on Blue Ridge Parkway Trails.

The Foxfield Races are held twice a year and proceeds go to a different local charity.

I would be honored to be your Charlottesville luxury realtor.

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