Albemarle County Luxury Homes By Area

Advance Mills

Advance Mills is similar to Earlysville and is located north of Charlottesville. The Blue Ridge Mountain views are fabulous. The area is mostly farms. There is easy access to Rt 29 which goes north and south through the state.


Few areas of Virginia are more scenic than the vast views from Afton Mountain. Imagine waking up every day to views of the lush Blue Ridge Mountains and pristine Rockfish Valley.


Batesville is located between Rt 250 and Rt 29 in SW Albemarle County. The tiny historic town sits along the old Plank Road that went from Scottsville into the Shenandoah Valley. Batesville was once the largest apple barrel maker in the country. Hundreds of coopers made wooden casks, barrels, vats, buckets, tubs, and troughs along Whiteside Branch Creek for those traveling west and the nearby orchard owners. The Albemarle Pippin was King George the 3rd’s favorite apple. The Miller School of Albemarle is here.


Crozet is located at the base of the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains and 18 mins from the city of Charlottesville. The views are spectacular. And the area is full of attractive neighborhoods including Old Trail. The Western Albemarle County Public Schools are also here.


Earlysville is located in Northern Albemarle County just north of Free Union where the Blue Ridge Mountain are literally in your face and the homes are fabulous.


Esmont is located south of North garden and accessed by Rt 20 South (the Scottsville Road) and Plank Rd. Esmont is renown for it’s exquisite horse farms and historic homes such as Estouteville.

Free Union

Free Union is renowned for its fabulous farms and majestic views of the rolling, bucolic Central Virginia countryside.


As one of the most sought-after areas, homes move swiftly in Ivy. There is something special about Ivy real estate, so be sure to move quickly if you have your eyes set on living here. The town of Ivy is small and has numerous businesses including a restaurant, gas station, and garden center.


Gordonsville Virginia sits in 3 counties, Albemarle, Louisa, and Orange. It’s a sleepy little crossroads town that booms when the economy is hot and dies a miserable death in a recession. Fabios Pizza seems to be the longest running restaurant so that tells you something.

Just north of Gordonsville is Somerset, Virginia where many of the finest Virginia historic plantations can be seen. The town of Gordonsville is historic and the homes date from 1890 to the 1920s.

Heading east into Louisa, the property values rapidly diminish except for the exquisite historic homes and farms found in the Green Springs National Historic Landmark District.


Greenwood is one of the most attractive areas of Virginia and is renowned for its exquisite mid-19th-century plantation homes. The town of Greenwood is tiny and is known for its vineyards and wineries.


Keswick VA real estate is pricey and is renowned for its magnificent horse farms. There are also two fabulous, luxury Keswick neighborhoods Glenmore Country Club and Keswick Estate. Both are Charlottesville gated communities and offer challenging golf and excellent dining.

North Garden

North Garden, Virginia is located south of Charlottesville off Rt 29. The terrain is hilly and rolling and there are some lovely farms and apple orchards. The fabulous Bundoran Farm neighborhood and tasty Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards are here.


Schuyler VA is located in Southern Albemarle County and is remote. Rt 6 Which is straight as a arrow) cuts across Albemarle County and Schuyler is the most western area before hitting Rt 29 and Nelson County. Scottsville is 15 miles east. There are limited amenities and no dining. Live here if you want peace and quiet, and love the Virginia woodlands. The fabulous TV series, Walton’s Mountain, was based on Hamner’s hometown of Schuyler, VA. Tickle has been known to make moonshine around these parts.


The historic, riverport town of Scottsville is located in southern Albemarle County along the James River. If you are looking for an exquisite, James River plantation then Scottsville needs to be on your list. Once a year, a real beauty comes on the market. 35 mins from downtown Charlottesville. Scottsville is where you come to raft down the James River. Since Scottsville is considered a lifetime away from Charlottesville, It’s also a good indicator of the Albemarle County real estate market. When the economy stall, so does the town and they pull up the sidewalks! Do me a favor and don’t invest in real estate here. Everyone tries since the prices are so much more affordable than say Ivy or Crozet.