In the past 18 months, 8% of Nextdoor survey respondents ‘permanently’ moved to a different area…
 33% from an urban to a suburban area 30% from a suburban to another suburban area 27% from an urban to another urban area 10% from a suburban to an urban area Why are neighbors moving? 47% be in a more relaxing environment 37% for cost savings 33% have more physical space 27% be closer to family or friends 20% work or school 17% opportunity to become a homeowner 17% other (warmer weather, retirement, health). Charlottesville was ONE of those places!

Always use a savvy Charlottesvillerealtor (since 2003) and get the correct comps when you decide to make an offer on any Charlottesville homes.

Toby Beavers Charlottesville Realtor