The consideration to downsize is often an emotional process for many. Sometimes those looking to make this transition, contemplate it not for weeks or months, but for years!
Downsizing will be easier if YOU start the process sooner rather than later. Life happens, we’ve seen it! Sometimes certain events create urgency around the need to downsize and immediately change your housing circumstances. It’s not ideal to make this decision under pressure, start planning in advance before a move is absolutely necessary.

The secret to decluttering is “slow and steady.”

Sorting through 30+ years of stuff in a weekend is unrealistic and the thought of it likely causes overwhelm and procrastination. The best way to kick start the process is to spend 1 hour cleaning out 1 drawer per day.

Usually, they catch momentum doing this and can accomplish more with less frustration. Loop in other decision influence-makers. There are often adult children with strong opinions on how this process will look and where their parents will end up.

While it’s ultimately the Charlottesville home buyers’ and sellers’ decision, inviting other family members to take part in the process may help avoid potential disagreements down the line when children have their own emotional struggles with their parents’ move.

Always use a savvy Charlottesville realtor (since 2003) and get the correct comps when you decide to make an offer on any Charlottesville homes.

Toby Beavers Charlottesville Realtor