As one of fifteen hundred Charlottesville realtors, I strive to be one of the top Charlottesville realtors. And over the past 19 years, I have chosen what I think are the best neighborhoods in Charlottesville to live in all four quadrants (north, south, east, and west) of Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

We will look at the south of Charlottesville in towns like Esmont, Keene, and Scottsville.

There are no Charlottesville luxury neighborhoods in either Esmont or Keene.

Unfortunately, this will be a short article since there are very few luxury neighborhoods to take you to; and only one is luxurious.

They are Redfields, Mill Creek, and the Farms at Turkey Run. Redfields is a Charlottesville lake community located just below I-64 and is an attractive community with walking trails and a pool.

Seniors love it here as it is one of the top walkable neighborhoods Charlottesville VA. I’d rather live here than in the next two communities.

As for amenities, it offers a lovely fishing lake, walking trails, and a community pool.

Mill Creek is also a large community with similar-style, rustic, homes. It’s broken up by Mill Creek North and Mill Creek South. Residents have walking trails that connect with Mill Creek South, Foxcroft, Lake Reynovia, and Biscuit Run Creek. It’s peaceful but I think the homes are old and tired. Still, it is one of the best Charlottesville neighborhoods for families as there are numerous public and private schools across the street.

Thank God for the Fifth Street Station, Charlottesville’s newest shopping center. Wegman’s landed here so you know it’s a great place to be.

And it’s now near Mill Creek since the new I-64 overpass was added.

The Farms at Turkey Run is a community of 40 homes surrounded by 5,000 acres of protected rural area that is Mount Ida Reserve.

There’s a hotel, vineyard, and event center here too. The location is a tough one to swallow. It is one of the best walkable neighborhoods Charlottesville VA.

It’s just too remote and after a few times driving back and forth from Charlottesville, it gets old fast.

But wait!

There’s relief nearby…you’re fortunately surrounded by five tasty vineyards including Trump Vineyards (love him or hate him they have some excellent pink rosè).

If you love wine, as I do, you’ll really love the Farms at Turkey Run and probably never leave.

Moving south, we come to Scottsville, the original county seat of Albemarle County, and where the mighty James River divides Albemarle from Buckingham County.

Scottsville is a sleepy, antebellum town on the James River.

When the economy is strong there are 3-4 restaurants open, but when it’s not, the sidewalks are rolled up.

Sadly, there are no neighborhoods to discuss…unless you want a fabulous Charlottesville historic home or farm.

As one of fifteen hundred Charlottesville realtors, I strive to be one of the top Charlottesville realtors.