All Charlottesville realtors get paid when they list your property for sale or help you in buying one. When you engage a Charlottesville realtor, they will agree with you to supply specific services at a charge. When the realtor has completed these services, they get paid for them.

This time frame varies depending on the transaction type and region. But in general, most transactions are completed within 30 days from the date the contract is signed by all parties concerned.

Here’s an example. Assume an agent charged a commission of 6% for a $200,000 property. This equals a total commission of $12,000.If the home sells for the asking price, the listing broker and buyer’s agent’s broker receive a share of the commission, or $6,000 each ($200,000 sales price x 0.06 commission√∑2). The brokers then shared the commission with their agents.

When it comes to commissions, split percentages are usually 50-50, so if a selling agent gets a 6% listing charge, the buyer and seller agents will each get 3% when the transaction is completed.

What is a Realtor Commission?

The realtor commission is the fee that real estate agents receive for assisting their customers in buying or selling a property.

Agents are compensated for the time and effort it takes to get a transaction from start to finish.

  • A Charlottesville buyer’s agent works with the buyer to select the best property for the right price in the desired timetable.
  • The Charlottesville seller’s agent is a real estate professional who acts as a negotiator and marketer for the property. They screen for purchasers, negotiate offers, and organize marketing.

In 2021, 18% of buyers and sellers chose to deal without the assistance of a Charlottesville real estate agent, demonstrating that you can buy and sell a home without assistance. However, the remaining 82% worked with an agent to either list, market, and sell their property or locate, evaluate, and purchase a home.

Since 2001, the number of consumers who use an agent has been growing steadily, suggesting that agents continue to provide value as part of a real estate transaction.

When do agents receive their commission?

When the home is sold, and the transaction is completed, agents are compensated. This is referred to as a closing or settlement in real estate transactions.

A third party, often a title or escrow company closes the deal by preparing closing statements and cashing checks out of the sale money. This third party will then pay the agents’ commissions to them.


As a Charlottesville real estate agent, I act as a key player in any transaction. Real estate agents negotiate on their behalf with the seller over what price should be for a particular property. When a property is sold, realtors are paid. The buyer’s and seller’s agents share the commission with their brokers.

Always use a savvy Charlottesville realtor (since 2003) and get the correct comps when you decide to make an offer on any Charlottesville homes.

Toby Beavers Charlottesville Realtor