Before we tell you what’s hot, we need to give you a scenario of Charlottesville townhouses sold from Jan 1st to Sept 1st, 2020. 408 Charlottesville townhouses sold. This includes Albemarle County. Lowest Price Sold: $99,000. It was in Orangedale off 5th St. Highest Price Sold: $1,306,000 (C&O Row). 35 Charlottesville luxury townhouses over $500K have sold this year…) Median Price Sold: $316,000 (where are you going to buy a two-bed room townhouse for that price? Amazing…) What’s interesting is only 34 Charlottesville townhouses have been sold so far. Whereas, 374 Albemarle townhouses sold. Who would have guessed that 10 times the amount of sales was in the county? I’m amazed again… So what’s HOT today in the ‘affordable’ Charlottesville City townhouse market? 1) Orangedale (6 sold – priced from $99 to $165,000) Orangedale:  Our pick of the affordable Charlottesville townhouses? Well it depends on where you work but if was working from home, I’d choose Belmont Village with a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath at $310,000 but a car is needed. See why: Belmont Village  But if I was loaded ($) and wanted something NEAR the Charlottesville Historic Downtown Mall then I’d go with the grandest and newest: C&O Row at over $1 million. Here’s why… C&O Row   So there you have it… Remember, we’ve been a Charlottesville Buyers Agent since 2003 and know the Charlottesville townhouse market extremely well.

Always use a savvy Charlottesville realtor (since 2003) and get the correct comps when you decide to make an offer on any Charlottesville homes. Toby Beavers Charlottesville Realtor 434-327-2999